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G-TEC EDUCATION is the GLOBAL LEADER in education and training spread across the globe and has an alumina of 1.5 million students. G-TEC EDUCATION in Qatar is the Regional / Master Partner of G-TEC EDUCATION , Singapore.

G-TEC is an ISO certified organization in the noble field of education in various segments including ICT, Academic programs, Cognitive Learning Programs , Robotics , ITeS, Corporate trainings, Skilling and vocational trainings including Government projects through quality training centres. G-TEC is one of the world’s largest education network with 500+ training centres in 15+ countries and is reputed for its quality, brand and vendor certification.

G-TEC EDUCATION has segmented the operations and formed its subsidiaries under the brands of


Our Strength

Our strength lies with the commitment and dedication of the directors and G-Team, a team of qualified and dedicated staffs who are fully involved in the fulfillment of our vision of Global Prosperity.

  • Managed by dedicated & experienced professionals
  • Highly qualified technical team for faculty training and enhancement
  • Quality monitoring cell for the quality assurance at each centres.
  • Centralized and online examinations
  • Revision of syllabus as per the requirements.
  • Collaboration with multinational firms for technology transfer.
  • Administration and operations through Electronic Management system. (GEMS)
  • Automated Certification system with online verification.

G-TEC train and groom students to get employed with much advanced skills required to work anywhere in the world. G-TEC has implemented Teaching – Learning process by which students have more practical knowledge on the subject they learn for a competitive employability and professional capability. G-TEC promotes learning through practical efficiency and result oriented effective process of creations G-TEC’s huge network is beautifully managed by our team through our domestic ERP system called GEMS (G-TEC Electronic Management System) which is an absolute solution for the maintenance and control/monitoring of Centre Operations and Quality Management System. G-TEC also has a new generation mode of operation through its Mobile Application named as G MAAP – G-TEC MOBILE APPLICATION

The Team

G-TEC Management comprises of team of experts with vast experience in Academics, Quality assurance and Customer Relations, Operations and Administration. All major Departments including Administration, Operations, Academics and Research, Marketing are led by professionals with decades of experience and international exposure. The senior management team who serves as the core to the team have exclusive experience with G-TEC for more than a decade.

All major initiatives and projects are led by senior management team members which adds credibility, productivity and persistence to the efforts of our network. The senior team members are trained and exposed to stay flexible and remain fresh while experience always helps them take RIGHT decisions for our network and students.